Wearing of garment has been a prime need of every human being. Saran Garments, apart from offering its own collection, customizes its production developing fabrics from samples given by customers. If you would like to receive more information regarding the various fabrics we are capable to develop, please Contact us.

With 12 imported Pai-Lung machines capable of producing a wide range of exotic fabrics including the latest designs, the mission of Saran Garments and its entire staff is to offer and add value to all the performed activities. Coloring is done in dye houses which use azo free dyes and respect the norms laid out by the government. The garments are made with high-tech production and finishing units, working in environment friendly condition.

With our long-term business relationship and networking with our suppliers, we can provide you the best choices of materials and products at competitive prices on a timely fashion. Our impressive profile stands testimony to this.

Printing and embroidery are carried out with professional partners equipped with state-of-the-art machineries who respect the code of ethics. We guarantee quality and service. Click here to view our ISO Certificate.